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Creativity inspired by diversity

The sheer diversity of Western Australia’s natural landscapes and cultural heritage inspires an equally varied array of creative arts.

What’s more, because Perth and WA enjoy such a balmy climate, artists have the pleasure of performing against some of the most incredible backdrops too. Think sculptures lit by Indian Ocean sunsets, and music, festivals, theatre, film and comedy with Perth’s iconic city skyline twinkling just beyond the stage.

Perth Cultural Centre

The creative heart of Perth city can be found in the Cultural Centre. This dynamic and lively public space is home to the Art Gallery of Western Australia (exhibiting a collection of more than a thousand pieces), Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Blue Room Theatre and State Theatre of Western Australia.

Find out what’s on at the Perth Cultural Centre for your next visit to Perth city.

Art galleries

Public and private WA art galleries showcase the works of locally, nationally and internationally renowned artists who find their muse in some of the most biodiverse landscapes on Earth and most vibrant local cultures.

Creative hotspots include Perth, the beautifully preserved historic port town of Fremantle, the fertile Swan Valley and Margaret River wine regions, and the exotic cultural melting pot of Broome. Many country towns also demonstrate exceptional flair in their arts and crafts.

Music and theatre

Sunny blue skies, balmy evenings and clear night skies lure some of the greats to play in the great outdoors here in WA.

Open air performances are regular features on the summer events calendar at Perth’s Kings Park, Red Hill Auditorium and The Quarry, the vineyards of the Swan Valley and Margaret River wine regions, as well as tropical north Broome and Kununurra.

Throughout the year, classical music lovers can experience soul-touching live performances by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) in one of the finest venues for acoustics in the southern hemisphere – the Perth Concert Hall.

An extensive cast of international performers also grace the stages at the purpose-built Perth Arena, Perth Convention Centre and cultural hubs of Mount Lawley, Fremantle and Mandurah.


WA not only boasts the largest concentration of Aboriginal rock art on Earth, it’s also where you’ll find one of the oldest artworks on record.

It is believed there could be up to a million carvings, dating back well over 10,000 years, throughout the Burrup Peninsula in the Pilbara, or head into the Kimberley wilderness to track down the Bradshaw paintings (also known as Gyorn Gyorn), believed to be five times older than the Egyptian pyramids.


Across 10 square kilometres of Lake Ballard’s white salt plain, world-renowned artist Antony Gormley has created the largest and possibly the most dramatic art gallery on Earth.

Find out more about this extraordinary collection of 51 steel sculptures known as Inside Australia.


The City of Perth regularly commissions public art in civic squares, streetscapes, parks and some unexpected places too.

Sculptures in stone, bronze, wood, steel, ceramic and even water are on display, alongside wall art and other creative media, such as lighting, electronic and digital works. Download the public art guide from the City of Perth website.

Venture out to country and outback towns and you’ll also find a trail of artistic and historic treasures in the form of town murals and sculptures.


Perth, Fremantle and WA’s regional towns host an impressive list of cultural festivals throughout the year.

The most famed and prestigious include the Perth International Arts Festival, Fremantle Festival, the quirky Fringe World Festival and the world-class Sculpture By the Sea exhibition at Cottesloe Beach (one of only three locations in the world to host this unique open-air art event).

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