A legendary wilderness camping and fishing adventure that's truly on the edge.

Take a detour off the Gibb River Road four wheel drive (4WD) track and head deep into Kimberley wilderness areas few have experienced.

Hike and fly by helicopter to one of Australia’s most scenic landmarks – Mitchell Falls – camp under the starriest skies and fish the richest waters.

A 4WD is recommended, and some unsealed roads may be inaccessible during the wet season (September to May).

Drivers are advised to contact the visitor centres in Broome, Derby or Kununurra to check road conditions before making the journey.

Duration: 4 to 6 days

Distance: 874 kilometres


  • Gibb River Road
  • Mitchell Falls
  • Kalumburu fishing

Best time: May to October

Gibb River Road/Kalumburu Road Junction to Drysdale River Station

Total distance: 59km kilometres

Between the Gibb River Road attractions of Manning Gorge and Home Valley Station (249 kilometres from Kununurra and 633 kilometres from Broome), take the turning onto the unsealed Kalumburu Road to enter Mitchell River National Park.

Stop for a morning swim at the Gibb River crossing before continuing on to Drysdale River Station.

Explore the vast, ancient Livistonia forests and savannah woodlands on foot, and encounter the region’s abundant flora and rare fauna.

Or take a scenic flight over Mitchell Falls and the coastal canyons of the Prince Regent River.

Choose from cabin-style accommodation or riverside and homestead camping sites.

The station also boasts a restaurant, bar and general store.

Drysdale River Station to Mitchell Falls

Total distance: 188 kilometres

Road access to Mitchell Falls is via the unsealed Mitchell Plateau track.

From the Mitchell Falls camping area, it’s a short helicopter flight or six-kilometre walk to the falls, and you have the option of following the walking trail to Little Mertens Falls and Big Mertens Falls.

You can also access Surveyors Pool in Mitchell River National Park via an eight kilometre return walk from the Surveyors Pool car park.

Refill your water bottles at the pool and allow six hours for the walk.

Camp overnight at Mitchell Falls (fees apply).

Mitchell Falls to Kalumburu Community

Total distance: 190 kilometres

Near the mouth of the King Edward River, at the northern tip of Western Australia, Kalumburu Mission is the State’s most remote and isolated Aboriginal community, with some of the best fishing and big game fishing on Australia’s coast.

More than 1,800 million years in the making, this rugged landscape has been home to the Kwini, Gambra and Walmbi people for many thousands of years.

The story of their ancestry is told in the ancient Gyorn Gyorn rock art (Bradshaw paintings), believed to be the oldest figurative paintings on Earth.

Basic single and twin cabins and campsites are available, the Mission also features a museum, general store and petrol station.

Visit the Kalumburu Mission website for more info.

Kalumburu Community to Gibb River Road/Kalumburu Road Junction

Total distance: 437 kilometres

Retrace your tracks south and break your journey back to the Gibb River Road with an overnight stop at Drysdale River Station.

*Important Travel Information

These tracks are only accessible between May and October.

Roads are often closed due to flooding between September and May (the wet season).

The track may have washouts and corrugations, so drive with care.

An adventure of this nature requires drivers to take necessary precautions to ensure a safe journey.

Some experience of driving on un-sealed roads is recommended.

Your vehicle should be properly equipped with at least: two spare tyres; water and emergency provisions; a comprehensive tool, puncture repair and first aid kit; gas cooking equipment; sunscreen and insect repellent.

In the event of a breakdown, stay with your vehicle – it is easier to find than an individual.

There is also the option of hiring a vehicle and travelling in the safety of a small convoy led by an expert guide.

There is no mobile phone reception in these remote areas, so it’s recommended that you carry a satellite phone.

Only a few local rental car companies allow access to the Mitchell Plateau and Kalumburu – search for hire companies.

Kalumburu is a ‘dry’ community and alcohol is not permitted.

Park entry and camping fees are applicable at Mitchell River National Park and are collected by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) at the King Edward River campground.

Permits are required to visit Kalumburu, please contact the Kalumburu Aboriginal Corporation on 08 9161 3000.

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