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It won't take you long to settle into Rottnest Island's relaxed pace

Rottnest Island, or 'Rotto' as it is affectionately known by Western Australians, is a small island situated just off the coast of Perth famous for its snorkelling, diving, surfing and swimming.

As a popular destination for locals and visitors, Rottnest Island has some of the world's finest beaches and crystal clear bays so it's great to spend a few days here, but you can still have a great time visiting for just the day.

This easy-paced itinerary takes in just half of the island, but can easily be extended to include other spots.

Duration: 1 day

day 1: Rottnest Island

A short, high-speed ferry trip from Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys will see you land at the island.

Your first stop should be the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre. Here, you can stock up on maps, information on every aspect of the Island's environment, history, services and attractions.

"Rotto" is a vehicle-free zone. That is, there are no private vehicles permitted on the island. This means the most popular method of getting from A to B, and back again, is by bicycle. But don't worry, at just a little over 11 kilometres long and four and a half kilometres wide, the island is easy to circumnavigate on two wheels.

If you haven't brought your bike over with you, hire a bike at the nearby Rottnest Island Bike Hire and head off through the centre of the Island to Oliver Hill, stopping at Little Salmon Bay along the way.

At Oliver Hill, take a one hour walking tour of the guns and tunnel system. These were put in place to protect Perth from seaborne intruders in the earlier part of the century, but have never been fired in anger.

Other walks include tours to the salt lakes and lighthouse, as well as the popular 'quokka walk'.

Rottnest wouldn't be Rottnest without the quokkas - the small marsupials that inhabit the island and which were the inspiration for its name.

If you're not up for the tour, just stop to take in the magnificent views and enjoy a picnic lunch.

After another bit of cycling, it'll be time for a swim.

Cycle north along Pink Lake Road, turn right to Geordie Bay and then start heading back along the North Road toward the Main Settlement.

Little Parakeet Bay is the perfect spot for a secluded swim or snorkel, and you can ride to the Geordie Bay Store afterwards for the ultimate reward - an ice cream and a cold drink!

Once back at the Main Settlement, make your way to the bike hire shop to offload your transport.

Stop off at the Rottnest Hotel for a drink before heading to the jetty for the late afternoon ferry back to Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys.

For more information visit the Rottnest Island website.


Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island


Little Parakeet Bay
Little Parakeet Bay

Diving & Snorkelling
Diving & Snorkelling

Geordie Bay
Geordie Bay

Oliver Hill Battery
Oliver Hill Battery

Little Salmon Bay
Little Salmon Bay

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