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Western Australia's warm waters are home to the bottlenose dolphin. While they can be found all along the coastline, there are four main destinations where visitors are more likely to have a dolphin interaction: BunburyMandurahRockingham and Monkey Mia.

The nature of dolphin experiences vary at each destination, however most offer some measure of interaction and education. Dolphin interactions are well-supervised, and in some cases visitors can undertake monitored swims with dolphins in the wild.

Explore AQWA's tunnelsDolphins at Monkey Mia

Tick off your bucket list and swim with wild dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins is right up there with the top bucket list experiences, and Western Australia ranks high as one of the world’s top destinations for memorable close encounters with these amazing mammals.

Swim with dolphins in Rockingham

In the protected bays of Rockingham and Shoalwater Island Marine Park, dolphins and humans have been enjoying playful interactions since the 1960s. Here, just a 45-minute drive from Perth, you can encounter some of the 260+ wild dolphins that have made this spot their home.Swim tours operate daily from September to early June, and depart early in the morning from Rockingham jetty.

Swim with dolphins in Bunbury

Further south, the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre in Koombana Bay is one of few places on Earth – and the only place in Australia – where you can enjoy an exhilarating experience with wild dolphins in the water, on a boat, or at the shoreline, and learn more about them at the interpretive centre too. Dolphin swim tours operate daily from October to April, bringing you face to face with some of the 100+ wild bottlenose dolphins who call Bunbury home.


Explore AQWA's tunnelsDolphins playing near Rockingham by Anouck Van Dyck


Jump aboard a dolphin cruise, or go shore-based dolphin watching - there are plenty of opportunities to watch these playful marine mammals along the coast of Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury and Monkey Mia. Most tours operate between September and May.

The famous wild dolphins of Monkey Mia usually visit the shore up to three times a day and more frequently in the mornings. The dolphins are protected by rangers who regulate the interactions, with a few lucky visitors selected to hand-feed the dolphins.

Visitors can learn more about these fascinating creatures at the Dolphin Information Centre.