Travelling in WA


Travel Australia's largest state by land, air and sea

Here you’ll find the key travel information you need to plan an extraordinary holiday in Western Australia – one of the largest and most diverse states in the world.

Geographically speaking, WA’s capital city of Perth is one of the most isolated spots on Earth. But with more than 35 travel routes by air, land and sea, including a short, five-hour flight from South Asia, it’s one of the most accessible places in Australia.

Choose your own way around the State’s five diverse regions, and pick up some practical travel tips that’ll help ensure even the most adventurous journey goes smoothly.


Make the local visitor centre your first port of call as you travel around Western Australia. 

They offer a one stop shop of information, provided by local experts. Stock up on maps, get some ideas on the best things to see and do, or book a tour or accommodation.

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