ImportantTravel tips


Here’s a list of practical travel tips to ensure your experience of WA’s great outdoor lifestyle, diverse culture and extraordinary destinations is enjoyable and unforgettable for all the right reasons.

In case of emergency

Dial triple zero (000) for ambulance, police and fire emergency services.

Find more detailed safety information for travellers on the WA Police website.

And if you’re visiting during bush fire season, stay informed with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.

Sun protection

To enjoy Australia’s sunniest capital and WA’s great outdoor lifestyle in safety, always apply sunscreen, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and drink plenty of water.

Find out how to be Sun Smart with Cancer Council WA.

Beach safety

Making the most of WA’s 12,000 kilometres of stunning coastline requires some safety knowledge and awareness.

Surf and marine conditions can vary significantly, so always read safety signs, talk to locals and swim between the red and yellow Lifesaving flags.

Get more tips from the Beachsafe website.


Although fishing is a very popular activity in Western Australia, it can be dangerous. It's important to keep informed about changing weather and wave conditions in the area you are planning to fish and what safety gear is required.

Find out more about fishing (and rock fishing) safety from the RecFishWest website.

Road safety

A driving holiday in one of the world’s largest states can involve long distances, varied conditions and large commercial vehicles known as ‘road trains’.

Before you get behind the wheel, familiarise yourself with the road rules in WA with a visit to the Road Safety Commission website.

Alcohol laws

There are strict laws regarding alcohol consumption in WA. To avoid penalties or alcohol-related injury while on holiday, find out more about alcohol and the law.

Travelling with a disability

Refine your online search for accommodation and attractions by clicking ‘Disabled Access’ and you’ll find a wide range of holiday experiences catering for seniors and people with disabilities.

For additional information about disability services in WA, check out the Access WA website.


The currency in WA is Australian dollars and automatic teller machines (ATMs) are readily available to obtain currency in $20 and $50 notes.

For live exchange rates, check out the XE Currency Converter.

Time zone

There are three time zones in Australia and Western Standard Time (AWST) is GMT + 8:00.

Check the current time in WA at

Protect our environment

Help preserve WA’s uniquely biodiverse environments for others to enjoy by following the seven simple Leave No Trace principles and selecting sustainable, eco certified tourism operators.





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