5 Day ItineraryKarijini Adventure


Get an all-access pass to Mother Nature’s ultimate adventure park.

Five adventure-filled days in Karijini – one of Western Australia’s largest and most spectacular national parks – will take you on a journey through two billion years of the Earth’s natural history. Descend into ancient cavernous gorges, scale some of the oldest rocks on the planet, and cool off with a swim beneath cascading waterfalls.

Best time: May to August (to coincide with the wildflower season and waterfalls)


  • Dales Gorge
  • Oxer Lookout
  • Weano Gorge
  • Hamersley Gorge

Road from Tom Price to Karijini National ParkRoad from Tom Price to Karijini National Park

Day 1:

Morning: Perth to Paraburdoo or Newman

Paraburdoo and Newman are the closest airports to Karijini National Park, and both can be reached within two hours on a flight from Perth.

Or, you can take the 15-hour drive from Perth, via the Great Northern Highway.

Afternoon: Paraburdoo/Newman to Tom Price/Karijini

From Newman, it’s a two-and-a-half to three-hour drive to reach the campsites and glamping accommodation in Karijini National Park, and a four-hour drive if you are making Tom Price your base.

From Paraburdoo, it’s a one-hour-and-forty-minute drive to reach Tom Price, and a two-and-a-half to three-hour drive to Karijini, passing Mount Bruce – Western Australia's second highest peak.

Park campsites offer safe wilderness camping with basic facilities including pit toilets, gas barbecues and tables. Stock up on fuel, food and water in Tom Price or Newman before driving out to Karijini.

Fern Pool, Karijini National Park Fern Pool, Karijini National Park

Day 2:

Morning: Karijini Visitor Centre

Make your first stop at the Karijini Visitor Centre on Banjima Drive (two hours’ drive from Tom Price). The centre is fascinating, both in its design and interpretive displays that share the region's natural history and cultural evolution. 

Continue on to Dales Gorge for a picnic lunch overlooking Fortescue Falls. 

Afternoon: Dales Gorge

Explore picturesque Dales Gorge at your leisure. Take a dip in Fern Pool or follow the four-kilometre trail (two hours return) from Fortescue Falls to Circular Pool for a refreshing afternoon swim. 

You can also view Circular Pool from above at the lookout on the Gorge Rim Walk.

Evening: Dales Gorge/Tom Price

Make the two-hour-twenty-minute drive back to Tom Price, or spend the night under a star-filled sky in Karijini. 

Weano Gorge, Karijini National ParkWeano Gorge, Karijini National Park

Day 3:

Morning: Weano Gorge

Along the drive to Oxer Lookout, you’ll pass a number of Karijini’s top bushwalking trails. 

Weano Gorge invites the adventurous into its labyrinth of narrow gorges. If you’re keen to explore the far reaches of this gorge, join a guided tour to experience the thrill of jumping down waterfalls and climbing the sheer walls at 'The Centre of the Earth'.

Or take an easy walk among the mulga, spinifex, eucalypts, melaleuca and spring wildflowers of the surrounding plains. If you’re out in the early morning, you may spot rock wallabies, dingoes, and some of the 133 varieties of birds and 92 species of amphibians and reptiles who call Karijini home.

Afternoon: Oxer Lookout

Oxer Lookout stands at the junction of Joffre Gorge, Weano Gorge, Red Gorge and Hancock Gorge. The view into the 100-metre deep chasm below is magnificent, particularly in the late afternoon, as the light plays on the rugged red gorge walls.

Set up camp at the Savannah campsite near Weano, or return to Tom Price.  

Joffre Falls, Karijini National Park Joffre Falls, Karijini National Park by Matthew Fuentes is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND-2.0

Day 4:

Morning: Joffre Falls or Kalamina Gorge 

Head up to Joffre Falls Lookout to capture one of Karijini’s most photographed waterfalls. 

Take a walk to the bottom of Joffre Gorge for a swim in the inviting pool that’s just downstream from the falls. Or, for an easier gorge walk and a pleasant picnic, drive to Kalamina Gorge.

Afternoon: Hamersley Gorge 

Drive out to Hamersley Gorge for an afternoon swim. Climb up the gorge and you’ll be rewarded with a dip in the heart-shaped natural spa. Sit and admire the unusual rock formations and watch the colours change in the late afternoon sun. 

Spend your last night camping under a Karjini night sky, or return to Tom Price.

Mount Bruce, Karijini National ParkMount Bruce, Karijini National Park

Day 5:

Morning: Karijini/Tom Price to Paraburdoo/Newman

If you stayed in Karijini, take an early morning walk to watch the changing light play on the gorges and across the surrounding grasslands. 

Return to Paraburdoo or Newman for your flight to Perth.

Important Travel Information

  • Most of the trails in Karijini National Park are easily accessible; however, some require a moderate to high level of fitness and agility. Be aware of your own capabilities and limits and watch your step at all times.
  • Avoid entering the gorges if extreme weather conditions are forecast. Temperatures can be up to 10 degrees higher in the gorges and heavy rain can result in flash flooding.
  • Be Sun Smart. Always apply sunscreen (at least +15 SPF), wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and carry plenty of drinking water. 
  • TAKE nothing but photos – picking wildflowers is illegal and can attract a AU$2000 fine. RESPECT private property and don’t trespass. PROTECT canola crops and prevent the spread of disease by staying out of canola fields.

Trip Details




Perth 5 days The North West


Paraburdoo to Tom Price

81 km

Tom Price to Karijini Visitor Centre 

100 km

Newman to Karijini Visitor Centre

197 km

Karijini Visitor Centre to Dales Gorge 

12 km

Dales Gorge to Oxer Lookout

55 km

Joffre Falls to Hamersley Gorge

83 km

Hamersley Gorge to Tom Price

67 km

Tom Price to Newman

277 km

Total Distance

399 to 691 km





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