The rugged limestone range and arid coastal plain of Cape Range adjoin the pristine waters of Ningaloo Marine Park with spectacular contrasting scenery. Located within the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, Cape Range is rich and diverse in wildlife including kangaroos, emus, echidnas, birds and black-flanked rock wallabies.

Cape Range offers attractions and activities from accessible walk trails, wildlife viewing, camping, beach combing, swimming, snorkelling, beach fishing and more.

Take a walk on one of the trails for views of the earthy tones of the arid landscape against the stark blue waters of Ningaloo Marine Park. A visit to Yardie Creek is a must, explore on foot or join a boat tour as it meanders up the gorge between sheer cliffs. Sit for a while and watch the birds flock into Mangrove Bay, view the outer Ningaloo Reef from the lookout at Bloodwood Creek and watch the humpback whales pass during their annual migration (May to October).

Relax on one of the many magnificent beaches, or dive in and explore the crystal clear waters and coral gardens of Ningaloo Marine Park. Snorkel one of the many sites including Turquoise Bay, Lakeside and Oyster Stacks.

You can explore the park's rugged landscape of spectacular canyons on the eastern side of Cape Range.

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