Check out the displays and discover more about the marine turtles found along the Ningaloo Coast. Learn about their lifecycle, threats they face and how to view mating and nesting turtles and turtle hatchlings in the natural environment.

From December through to early March join a guided Turtle Eco-Education tour and scout for female turtles making their way onto the beach to lay their eggs. You may even be lucky enough to encounter turtle hatchlings as they emerge from their nest.

Guided Turtle Eco-Education tours increase the chance of finding and observing nesting female turtles in the natural environment. Viewing nesting female turtles and hatchlings with a guide minimises your chance of disturbing them which will increase the chance of female turtles successfully laying eggs.

To join a Turtle Eco-Education Tour (December to March) book online or call the Ningaloo Visitor Centre 08 9949 3070.