Lake Hillier is one of the extraordinary sights you'll see flying or cruising through the pristine wilderness of the Recherche Archipelago.

Located on Middle Island, the largest of the Recherche islands and is 11 kilometres from the coast of Cape Arid National Park.

The lake is separated from the Southern Ocean by a thin strip of sand and it's believed that the water's strawberry milkshake colour is due to the extremely high level of salinity. This discovery was made in 1802, when Matthew Flinders led an expedition to the islands and collected a sample from the lake, but there has been no definitive proof that salt is the source of its unique hue.

Measuring 600 metres wide and shaped like a footprint, this relatively small feature has a huge impact when viewed from a scenic flight or cruise, and the untouched islands of the Recherche Archipelago create a stunning backdrop.

Please note the pink colour of Lake Hillier is a natural phenomenon and cannot be guaranteed depending on the natural changes in the lake. When the lake is discoloured, scenic flights that usually operate over the area will instead take tourists over the amazing two-dozen pink and rainbow coloured lakes nestled amongst the farmland near Esperance.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on and