At Lucky Bay Brewing they love beer and love brewing truly local craft beer even more. Lucky Bay Brewing is a microbrewery with a difference making the most genuinely local craft beer in Australia.

They ventured into the world of beer science and after years of beer crafting they pioneered how to create tasty craft beers using up to 75 per cent raw barley. Meaning they can get barley direct from local farmers to use in their brews. Lucky Bay Brewing is the first and only brewery in Australia to do so.

Raw barley does not need the water, energy or food miles that malted barley does to be produced. It comes direct from the farm up the road to Lucky Bay Brewing into your beer. So it’s local and environmentally friendly = true Aussie beer! They use pure ingredients, fresh rain water, real hops and no preservatives with their premium local barley to bring you brews you will want to savour to the last drop, just like the local beaches.