The Indian Ocean Drive is a banquet of visual delights. The star studded night sky, Mars-like Pinnacles, red gorges, brightly coloured wildflowers and the deep blue ocean – your frequent companion on this five day, 1,226 kilometre expedition.

Hug the coast from Perth until an otherworldly sensation descends – you’ll arrive at the Pinnacles Desert Nambung National Park, a prehistoric land whispering ancient tales. The Pinnacles lunar-like golden limestone spires were formed over millions of years.

In the quaint coastal town of Cervantes your to-do list includes being charmed and sampling Western Rock lobster. Water and land based activities abound, from hiking and exploring the area’s beautiful surrounds to fishing and swimming in crystal-clear waters.

Continue towards Jurien Bay, where wildflowers put on the biggest flower show on earth from September to November in Lesueur National Park. In Jurien Bay choose your own an adventure - snorkel turquoise waters, snap photos of rare wild sea lions on a boat tour or skydive for a bird’s-eye view of the stunning coast.

Stay in Dongara and cast a line off the jetty - fish for your supper or indulge in some of the freshest rock lobster you’ve ever eaten.

Geraldton (a mecca for wind sports) is your next stop. It is a haven for fishermen and a paradise for lovers of seafood. Off the mainland, the remote, coral-fringed Houtman Abrolhos Islands invite exploration by sea or air.

Before the return to Perth, there’s one more journey north to Kalbarri National Park where the outback coast and wilderness intersect. Hike or rock climb the land. Fish, kayak or cruise the waters. Fly over the scenic bubblegum-pink waters of the fascinating Hutt Lagoon - adventure is yours for the taking.