Welcome to Broome (Rubibi), where old and modern worlds collide, and the ocean meets the outback in picture-perfect style. It’s a place that captivates visitors with its spectacular natural landscapes and fascinating pearl-diving history. Explore the western gateway to the Kimberley wilderness as you traverse turquoise waters and red ochre rock, take a camel ride against a tangerine sunset, and uncover ancient dinosaur footprints along the way.

A two-and-a-half-hour flight north from Perth, the relaxed town of Broome (Rubibi) has attracted people from around the globe for centuries, thanks to the stunning pearls of the South Sea. From the 1800s, pearl divers from China, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines flocked to the ‘pearl of the north’, creating today’s thriving multicultural town.

Hop onboard a cruise to a pearl farm, or take home a lasting memory of your adventure from one of Chinatown’s dazzling pearl showrooms. If you’re visiting between August and September, join the locals in celebrating Shinju Matsuri – a cultural and culinary festival that celebrates Broome's (Rubibi's) pearl-diving history and Aboriginal heritage. Admire work by Aboriginal artists at Kimberley’s art galleries and wonder at the tales passed down through generations as an Aboriginal guide introduces you to local Yawuru traditions.

Nature puts on an unmissable show at Broome's (Rubibi's) Cable Beach. Feel the snow white sand between your toes as you wander this 22-kilometre stretch of coastline, stopping to admire the striking rust red cliffs and ancient dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point.

As darkness descends, make your way to Roebuck Bay for the once-in-a-lifetime sight known as the Staircase to the Moon. An awe-inspiring illusion, the unique phenomenon takes place on certain dates from March to October when the full moon coincides with the low tide.

Reflect on this and many more magical experiences during a dinner of local mud crabs, which make their home among the mangroves. Later, unwind at one of Broome’s eco-retreats and resorts, where the call of the local wildlife lulls you to sleep.