Explorers who venture underground to grand caverns and maze-like tunnel systems will discover another side to Western Australia’s rugged beauty. 

From the limestone caves of the Margaret River Region to ancient Tunnel Creek cave in the Kimberley, join a torchlit tour or embark on a self-guided subterranean adventure to shine a light on soaring stalagmites, bizarre rock formations and atmospheric Aboriginal legends. 

The woodland and wetland haven of Yanchep National Park, an hour’s drive from Perth, is home to Crystal Cave. Discover stalactites, stalagmites and more in this underground wonderland.

A three-hour trip from Perth, the Margaret River Region is home an extraordinary network of 150 limestone caves dotted among soaring trees of Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge. Witness Mammoth Cave’s beautifully preserved fossils, the massive chambers of Jewel Cave and Giants Cave, and the eerie surrounds and tranquil water pool of Lake Cave. Stunning Ngilgi Cave, the first cave open to tourists in Western Australia, has a rich history that’s entwined with local Aboriginal legends. 

Up north, Mimbi Caves, near Fitzroy Crossing, is a five-and-a-half-hour drive from Broome (Rubibi). It’s a unique network of caves carved out of a fossilised reef system over the course of millions of years. Nearby, an ancient and awe-inspiring cave system awaits in Dimalurru (Tunnel Creak) National Park, offering visitors the opportunity to wade through underground freshwater pools and discover the cultural significance of the site.