Join a Manjimup truffle hunt

Nestled between the mighty Jarrah and Karri forests east of Margaret River, lies the fertile stretches of Manjimup. The richness of the soils and the cool climate here are ideally suited to growing premium grapes and black truffles, similar to those in renowned truffle destinations in France and New Zealand.

Manjimup lies 295 kilometres south of Perth and is the largest producer of Superior Perigord Truffles in the southern hemisphere. It’s a pleasant journey through the countryside with a scenic drive from Bridgetown, Nannup or Pemberton.

Regarded as one of the world's most premier food delicacies, truffles are classified as a fungus and grow underground near the roots of particular trees, such as oaks and hazelnuts, as part of a symbiotic relationship.

'Scrappy' the Truffle dog, Manjimup

Their taste and aroma are quite tricky to describe but some liken them to 'gourmet mushrooms'. They have pungent, intense, earthy, unique characters and are used in extremely small quantities in cooking.

The Australian truffle season runs from June to September with an annual event held in Manjimup to kick it off. The popular event brings people together from all over the world to showcase the region's export-quality rare black winter truffles (also known as Tuber Melanosporum). This celebration showcases the uniqueness of the black truffle and other culinary delights from the surrounding area and gives you the opportunity to join in a truffle hunt with trained sniffer dogs.

Embrace getting your hands dirty to find out what lies beneath the earth and see why these bits of South West gold are being used in local truffle products as well as being exported to some of the most premium restaurants all over the world.