Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience with Broome's most loved camels - the Camels in Blue!

Meet Alison Bird - Broome's most respected and experienced camel operator, with over 40 years of experience working with these often misunderstood animals. Alison has caught camels, trained camels, brought up orphaned calves and been involved in camel export, as well as trekking with these amazing animals in the Australian outback for over seven years.

Enjoy a Pre-Sunset or Sunset Tour along the iconic Cable Beach. Alison and her team will ensure your experience is safe, educational and most of all, enjoyable!

They now have their safe and camel-friendly loading platform so that you can mount your camel with peace of mind knowing that the camels are not under strain while you ride. Broome Camel Safaris staff will also take photos for you for free!