The Alkimos Beach Interpretive Trail is an exciting walkable and rideable trail that connects a series of interpretive signs and existing pathways to provide an experience that will teach you interesting information about Alkimos Beach.

It was completed in 2018 to showcase the rich Nyoongar and the recent history of Alkimos Beach, its surrounding area and its people.

There are currently three defined trails in the neighbourhood and natural areas of Alkimos Beach that incorporate four key interpretive themes - Nyoongar history, recent history, sustainability and flora and fauna.

You may learn about Nyoongar's history, recent history, sustainability and flora and fauna as you connect each one with another. Each interpretive panel is colour-coded according to its subject matter. The trails are graded from easy to moderate.

Make sure you visit the large sign located in Graceful Park near the picnic shelter as it not only contains readable content but eight audio stories to listen to. These stories present some of the different cultural and environmental layers of Alkimos Beach.