Awe-inspiring sight of the Blowholes is located just 75 kilometres north of Carnarvon on a bitumen road. Powerful ocean swells force water through sea caves and up out of narrow holes in the rocks, jets of water erupt into the air, sometimes up to a height of 20 metres, creating a spectacular sight.

Just one kilometre south of the Blowholes is a calm coral-filled lagoon known to the locals as the 'Aquarium', with fish and shells in abundance and a white sandy beach, making it a perfect hangout spot for the family or even a beach picnic. The lagoon is an ideal spot for snorkelling, especially for those least confident in the water.

It's important to plan your trip to the Blowholes, you want to get the most out of the experience. The Blowholes perform best when the tide is surging in for high tide, high tide isn't the best time as the water covers the narrow holes in the rocks, where the jets of water erupt from. Another important tip before setting off on your Blowholes adventure is to ensure you have plenty of water, food and general supplies.