Attraction Fortescue Falls

Take a refreshing dip under Fortescue Falls, Karijini National Park’s only permanent waterfall.

The ancient gorges, tunnels and waterways of Karijini are famous for their bushwalking trails, lush vegetation and sheer-sided chasms up to 100 metres deep.

You can reach Fortescue Falls and the aptly named Fern Pool by hiking down a steep trail from the car park and following a narrow path.

As you descend you’ll notice the vegetation changes and becomes more dense and tropical, while the iron-ore rich gorge walls become deep red and purple in colour.

At the end of the hike, take an energising swim in the spring-fed permanent pool beneath stunning Fortescue Falls.

Give yourself two hours for the return trip.

Karijini National Park is about two hours drive from the town of Newman.

It's best accessed by joining a four wheel drive tour. There are a number of tour operators taking visitors from Perth to Karijini and the surrounding region.







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