Hamelin Bay on the southwest coast is a serene open sandy bay, famous for the abundance of stingrays that frequent the bay.

Enjoy a personal interaction with these remarkable sting rays and see them close up in their natural habitat. Measuring up to two metres wide, the friendly stingrays will swim around you. They can also be seen close to the shore feeding off the scraps left by fishermen.

For the avid snorkeller there is plenty of interesting plant and fish life within the bay to look at, as well as several shipwrecks and caves to explore. Beach fishing is popular in the bay, and there is also a boat launching ramp if you want to explore the open ocean or many waterways of Augusta.

Hamelin Bay is just north of Augusta and four hours south of Perth. If time permits continue your journey into Augusta and visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.