Enjoy a waterfall moment at one of Western Australia’s most photographed natural beauty spots, Joffre Falls Lookout in Karijini National Park. Take a walk to the inviting plunge pool at the bottom of Joffre Gorge and a cool, refreshing dip awaits downstream from the falls.

You can choose to make your journey there an epic adventure, by taking the 15-hour outback drive from Perth, or following the legendary Warlu Way from the Coral Coast, or by joining a four wheel drive tour. To get there fast, hop on a 1-hour-and-45-minute flight from Perth to Paraburdoo, and pick up a hire car. The lookout is a one-hour-and-20-minute drive from Karijini Visitor Centre.

From the car park, head to the lookout for dramatic views over the plunge pool at the foot of the natural amphitheatre carved by the falls. Follow the marked 100-metre trail to the base and venture deeper into the gorge on the three-kilometre trail, cooling off with a dip downstream.

While dry for much of the year, the falls are at their best after winter rains.

Choose from the camping and glamping options available in Karijini and explore the park’s ancient landscape of gorges, rock pools and waterfalls.