Karlkurla Bushland Park comprises of 200 hectares of regrowth bushland just outside of Kalgoorlie. It has been developed into a community park offering a plethora of activities in a natural setting to entertain all who visit.

Wander along the walk tracks and visit the wildlife lookout to discover the abundant birdlife and animals that inhabit the area. Make the most of the interpretive walk trail to learn about the diverse species of flora and fauna along the way.

For the more energetic, enjoy a picturesque cycle or jog through the bushland. Then relax in the peaceful picnic area to enjoy a barbeque or picnic lunch.

The bushland is continuing to regenerate. Visitors can help continue the regeneration project by collecting Karlkurla seeds from the tourist centre and scattering them in the designated areas.

Karlkurla Bushland Park is an eight-minute drive from the centre of Kalgoorlie and just over a six-hour drive east of Perth. Alternatively, visitors to the mining town can take an hour's flight from Perth.