Lane Poole Reserve is a nature lover’s paradise. With its extensive network of bushwalking tracks along the Murray River, it is a favourite recreation spot for West Australians. There are numerous opportunities for swimming, fishing, canoeing and rafting with hire equipment and organised tours available from the nearby town of Dwellingup if required.

Enjoy abundant wildlife and a diversity of everchanging landscapes. The reserve covers nearly 55,000 hectares comprising rock rimmed pools, rapids and small waterfalls, spanning out to steeply forested valley slopes and undulating woodlands.

In winter, the Murray River flows like a raging torrent, and in summer it dwindles down to a gentle stream. In spring, the forest fills with wonderful wildflowers and in autumn you can hear the bird calls echo through the early morning mist.

Stay overnight in one of the many camping and recreation areas, or pack a picnic and enjoy a day trip. Lane Poole is just two hours south of Perth near the town of Dwellingup.

Camping in Western Australia's natural areas is a special experience. Camping for most campgrounds must be booked online.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on and