The Loop and Z Bend are sections of the Murchison River aptly named because of the enormous loops and Z Bend they have created as they flow through the gorges. Located in the spectacular Kalbarri National Park you will be spellbound by the view from the lookouts at the top of the gorge and are the perfect spot for a picnic.

Not surprisingly, Kalbarri National Park is recognised as one of the best National Parks in Australia with attractions such as Nature's Window, the Natural Bridge and stunning coastal lookouts. Time your visit with the wildflower season and you will be in awe of the exceptional offering. Look out for several species that can only be found within the park, including the Kalbarri spider orchid.

Located 6 hours drive north of Perth and a 20-minute drive from Kalbarri, The Loop and Z Bend are one of a plethora of amazing natural attractions in the Kalbarri National Park that must be seen.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on and