The Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre (WWDC) is an exciting tourism product in the South West of Western Australia.

It represents a multi-million dollar investment by the State Government into eco-tourism and is comprised of three sites including: The Tree Top Walk; Swarbrick Art Loop in the Mount Frankland South National Park; and Mount Frankland which features the newly completed Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout, arrival shelter and visitor facilities.

The WWDC focuses on different perspectives of the vast, natural and wild landscapes of the Walpole Wilderness to create inspiring visitor experiences. It has been designed and built to be the jewel in the crown for nature based tourism in Australia's South West and is a key tourism component for the newly formed Great South West Edge, one of Australia's sixteen national landscapes.

The WWDC features unique interpretive displays at all sites where visitors can learn what makes the wilderness special.

While the Tree Top Walk is an established product, it is the unique blending of this renowned product with the new to create a synergistic outcome where the total experience is more than the sum of its parts.