Attraction WA Maritime Museum

WA Maritime Museum explores how our relationship with the ocean shapes what it means to be Western Australian. Perched on the harbour, our Museum attracts one-third of the international/interstate tourists visiting Fremantle, Perth’s vibrant port city. It showcases the moments, voyages and vessels; the artefacts, people and the stories in our rich maritime history.

The Museum is home to the winning America's Cup yacht, Australia II, an Oberon class submarine, HMAS Ovens; Jon Sanders’ Parry Endeavour and many other iconic vessels.

Permanent Galleries immerse visitors in our ocean-centric culture, and our dynamic calendar of Temporary Exhibitions and programming ensures there’s always something new.

The Museum can be reached by water (on a river cruise from Perth to the B-shed terminal), by train, bus or car. It's a short walk from the station and there is ample parking in Victoria Quay.

WA Maritime Museum is an iconic community hub and a world-class tourist attraction that is symbolic of Fremantle’s past, present and future.







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