Mullewa celebrates the brilliance of Mother Nature with an annual wildflower show and the legacy of the architect-priest, Monsignor John Hawes, with a fascinating heritage walk and drive trail. If you're wild for wildflowers or a big-time heritage architecture buff, add it to your must-see list.

Taking you into the heart of wildflower country, Mullewa is a six hour drive north of Perth and just over one hour's drive east of Geraldton. If you take the time to make the journey part of the experience, you're in for a great ride.

From July to October, a drive along the Everlastings Wildflower Trail leads you through some of the flora hotspots that form part of the largest collection of wildflowers on Earth. Many are unique to the region, including the striking wreath flower - one of the stars of the Mullewa Annual Wildflower Show held in late August. Hit the Wildflower Walk starting at Lovers Lane or, for a spring picnic on a blanket of everlastings, head for Coalseam Conservation Park.

In this transitional zone between mulga and eucalypt woodlands, keen birdwatchers will be rewarded with the chance to view some of the region's 140 plus species.

The town is blessed with man-made beauty too, with an enchanting church designed and built by Mullewa's most famous resident, Catholic priest and architect Monsignor John Hawes. Following the four-day Monsignor Hawes Heritage Trail, you'll find the man himself just as awe-inspiring as his 15 fine works that dot the landscape from Geraldton and Northampton to Yalgoo, Morawa and Perenjori. Or, for a shorter walk through his amazing life, hit the 500 metre long Hawes Heritage Trail on foot.

Mullewa also marks the finishing line for those tackling the De Grey Stock Route, following in the tracks of the early stockmen from Port Headland. The natural waterfall seven kilometres east of Mullewa was a popular watering hole in the winter months and, today, it's a favourite picnic spot for locals and visitors alike.

Make Mullewa your base and book into the hotel, motel, caravan park, bed and breakfast or a nearby farm/station stay.