Tour Flight 5: Magic

Scenic Flight 5: "Magic" is a 90 minutes flight. This flight takes you out past the township of Denham, crosses Freycinet Reach to Useless Loop. As you continue in a north westerly direction you will see the stunning Zuytdorp Cliffs and Steep Point which is the most westerly point of mainland Australia. Further on, fly over Dirk Hartog Island and observe turquoise coloured estuaries and pink lakes. Search the shallow waters and amongst the seagrass beds for marine life that may include turtles, dolphins, dugongs, sharks or manta rays. The flight continues past Surf Point and the western coast of Dirk Hartog Island National Park to historic Cape Inscription, along famous Turtle Bay and to the tip of Francois Peron National Park.

This flight path allows an excellent opportunity to spot humpback whales and whale sharks in season before crossing to Cape Peron North and Skipjack Point, another area noted for its marine life. From there, you will cross Francois Peron National Park to the famous Big Lagoon and Cape Lesueur. The flight then deviates over Peron homestead before returning to Shark Bay Airport.

If you’re lucky, you may get a wave from passing humpback whales in season!







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