Busselton Jetty is a must-see when in Busselton, and at 1.841 kilometres long, it's the longest tourist jetty in the southern hemisphere and second longest in the world! This remarkable attraction can be enjoyed by young and old alike and caters to visitors needing assistance and accessible facilities.

Stroll or take a ride on the solar-powered Jetty Train over the Indian Ocean to the Underwater Observatory, one of only six in the world!

Experienced guides lead you through the natural wonders that lie beneath the Jetty, where the piles create Australia’s greatest artificial reef. This reef hosts an awe-inspiring 'forest' of vividly coloured tropical and sub-tropical corals, sponges, fish, and invertebrates.

Descend eight metres beneath the water’s surface to view more than 300 individual marine species in their natural habitat through 11 viewing windows at various levels!

While at the end of the Jetty, explore the Underwater Sculpture Park's 13 incredible sculptures made by talented artists from around the state! If getting in the water isn't for you, scan the QR codes found on the balustrade above each sculpture to view photos, videos, and information.

Onshore the Marine Discovery Centre beckons visitors of all ages and abilities to immerse themselves in the wonders of marine life. With 30-minute self-guided tours, interactive displays, and immersive experiences, the MDC promises an unforgettable voyage into our oceans.