Celebrating all that is unique about multicultural Broome, Chinatown is a blend of pearl showrooms, art galleries, east-meets-west restaurants and sidewalk cafes. It's easy to spend a day browsing and immersing yourself in its colourful history.

Chinatown has been the heart and soul of Broome since the pearling crews set up their first camps and corrugated tin sheds in the 1880s. Today, Broome is an iconic Western Australian tourism town. A boutique retail hub and a site of historical significance, it is a unique and special place worth visiting! Picking up a South Sea pearl or two is the ultimate memento of your trip - they're among the largest and finest in the world. End the day with a night under the stars at Chinatown's Sun Pictures, the oldest operating outdoor picture gardens in the world.

The Broome Chinatown Revitalisation Project has preserved the town's rich history, celebrating its local culture and reinvigorating local development opportunities. The Roebuck Bay Lookout, an elevated platform designed to encourage people to visit the top end of Dampier Terrace, allows visitors to experience the sweeping views over Roebuck Bay while learning about the culture and history of the area. The lookout features in the award-winning Jetty to Jetty self-guided heritage walk.