The iconic Crawley Edge Boatshed, situated on the banks of the Swan River at Matilda Bay in Crawley, is one of Perth city’s insta and wedding photo hotspots for tourists and locals alike using the hashtag #blueboathouse.

The Boatshed is known for being the most photographed attraction in Perth ahead of Elizabeth Quay, Cathedral Square and the Bell Tower.

A well known landmark, it was built in the 1930s and since the 1940s has been owned by the Nattrass family who paid five pounds for the original structure and has been rebuilt several times since.

In 2001, the Boatshed was painted the vibrant blue that it’s currently famous for and has confirmed its landmark status on the Swan River.

Various city tour operators include the Blue Boatshed in their itineraries. Transperth buses travel west along Mounts Bay Road from the Esplanade Busport in Perth central business district. These buses can also be boarded on Stirling Highway if approaching from the western suburbs.

Visitors to the area are encouraged to visit the nearby Eliza statue (named after Mount Eliza in Kings Park), a bronze statue also located in Matilda Bay.

A public solar powered toilet is now available at nearby Quarry Point.