The Gyorn Gyorn Paintings (also known as the Bradshaws) are believed to have been created 60,000 years ago. This dates them among the earliest figurative paintings ever made, and at least five times older than the Egyptian pyramids. They're a true wonder of the world.

Spread over 50,000 square kilometres of the north Kimberley wilderness, there are some 100,000 Gyorn Gyorn art sites in total. The easiest way to find a few is to join a local Indigenous tour guide - giving you unique insights into the early history and legends of one of the oldest living cultures on Earth.

This incredible collection of rock art remained hidden from the eyes of the world until they were discovered by Joseph Bradshaw in 1891.

If you miss the opportunity to view them, you can see Gyorn Gyorn figures in the works of local Indigenous artists at the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre, just 15 kilometres from Derby.