Hellfire Bay is one of the most beautiful bays situated within the protected bounds of Cape Le Grand National Park. It is a great spot to enjoy a picnic or a refreshing dip in calm conditions. The bay is thought to have been named after St Elmo's fire – a bluish flame-like electrical discharge that sometimes occurs above a ship's masts.

This secluded beach nestled between giant, granite rocks, boasts some of the most impressive turquoise ocean views in Western Australia. As this beach is a little less well-known, you may even be lucky enough to have the entire beach to yourself, making you feel like you’re on your private island.

The Recherche Archipelago sits in the distance. with the silhouettes of islands popping up through the ocean. This scenic bay is a perfect spot to swim in calm conditions followed by a picnic on the sand, with barbeque facilities at hand.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on www.emergency.wa.gov.au and https://alerts.dbca.wa.gov.au