Enjoy learning about Derby’s fascinating history with a visit to the Wharfinger’s House Museum. Exhibits feature the shipping, telecommunications and aviation history of the area. You can see a range of interesting displays telling the history of the Wharf and the demise of the steam ship, the SS Colac. There are also a range of smaller displays of fossils, mud lobsters and termites.

The museum is set within a home that was built in the 1920s to house the Derby Port Wharfinger. The old building has been restored and is itself a fine example of the prefabricated wooden housing of that era, designed specifically to suit the warm tropical climate prior to the availability of air-conditioning.

Opposite the Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Derby - the old Wool Shed, which was used for the export of goods prior to 1964.

The Museum is run by volunteers and open from 10am - 2pm 7 Days a week from April to September. Derby is a 2 hour drive east of Broome.