Encompassing amazing desert moonscapes, ancient river gorges, rare marine-life encounters and exquisite coral gardens, this 11-day, 3,237-kilometre adventure starting from Perth rewards thrill-seekers and nature-lovers with a swag of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Get the adrenaline-pumping sand-boarding massive, 45-degree-angle dunes at Lancelin, indulge in rock lobster washed down with a cold brew at coastal Cervantes, and marvel at the moonscape backdrop of the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park’s limestone spires formed over millions of years. All in the same day.

A playground for water-sport buffs, Geraldton’s natural charms run deep with stunning ocean sunsets and coral-fringed atolls.

Kalbarri’s vibrant foreshore backs onto the wondrous Kalbarri National Park; choose your pursuit, thrill-seeking or scenic, in a 400-million-year-old red river gorge.

Swap pace for the magical worlds of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef. Shoreline meetings with inquisitive wild dolphins are Monkey Mia’s trademark, but the region is also one of the most richly biodiverse environments on our precious planet: witness a kaleidoscope of flora, like acacia, samphire and grevilleas and fauna, including sea turtles, manta rays, sharks and dugongs.

Chill on Coral Bay’s idyllic white-sand beaches before jumping into an experience like no other: swimming with whale sharks (between March and July), humpback whales (between July to October) or manta rays (year-round).

Before your return to Perth, venture to the exquisite turquoise waters of Exmouth for an unforgettable tour of the world’s largest fringing reef, Ningaloo Reef. Swim and snorkel flanked by whale sharks, fish and marine mammals in an underwater fantasyland, or let a menagerie of emus, kangaroos, lizards and birds escort you through the limestone range and arid coastal plain of Cape Range National Park.