Brimming with adventure, the welcoming coastal town of Exmouth is your base to discover some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. Jump into the ocean and swim with beautiful aquatic creatures, big and small. Or head to the surrounding coastline, as rugged as it is dramatic, for even more opportunities to get among nature.

A 13-hour drive or two-hour flight from Perth, Exmouth is the gateway to the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Marine Park, the world’s largest fringing reef. Glimpse kaleidoscopic fish darting between the coral from a glass-bottom boat, or snorkel in the crystal-clear shallows of Turquoise Bay as turtles and manta rays gracefully glide past.

A mecca for divers and snorkellers, Exmouth and its surroundings offer some of the most unforgettable encounters you’ll ever experience. Between March and August, swim with whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea. Closer to shore, the spectacular Navy Pier is one of the world’s top land-based dive sites to immerse yourself in a dazzling array of marine life.

But the aquatic encounters don’t end there. From August to October, majestic humpback whales cruise the deep blue waters, while from November to March, nesting turtles make the beach their own.

Swap shimmering turquoise waters for the rust-red terrain of Cape Range National Park, just a short drive south of Exmouth. Lace up your hiking boots and explore ancient cliffs and canyons, keeping an eye out for local wildlife like emus, red kangaroos and spiny echidnas.

Back in Exmouth, indulge in some barefoot luxury and toast the day’s adventures with a chilled local white, craft beer or some of the region’s fabulously fresh produce. Then get ready to do it all again tomorrow.