The historic town of Lake Grace provides an authentic taste of the outback, from panoramic views of vast salt lakes, to glimpses of early settler life at the Inland Mission Hospital and intimate encounters with native flora and fauna.

A popular stop on the Perth-Esperance route, Lake Grace is approximately four hours south east of Perth. Be sure to include the Tin Horse Highway on your self-drive itinerary - an entertaining and scenic drive 20 kilometres north of town, passing a quirky collection of brightly coloured sculptures in the paddocks of local farms.

Once you reach Lake Grace, head to the visitor centre in the old Stationmaster's House for more information about the area's attractions.

Top of the list is Lake Grace itself, the shallow salt lake that gave the town its name. Head 12 kilometres west to the lookout for panoramic views of this immense lake system and Lake Grace, which stretches 50.5 kilometres long and up to 7.25 kilometres wide.

In contrast, you may spot some of Western Australia's tiniest mammals at Lake Grace, including the western mouse, white tailed dunnart, Mitchell's hopping mouse and the ashy-grey mouse. From August to late November, you can also marvel at the delicate wildflowers that blanket the outback landscape after good winter rains.

For some intriguing insights into outback life and history, visit one of Lake Grace's two Australian Inland mission hospitals. The Lake Grace Australian Inland Mission Hospital at the west end of town was established in 1926 and has been restored as a hospital museum, charting the role of the hospital in caring for a population spanning a vast area, from Kukerin to Ravensthorpe.

While you're in town, take a moment to admire the historical mural that celebrates the region's female pioneers, or head to the tranquil Lions Park or Apex Park - both ideal spots for a picnic or rest break.

If you're looking for an overnight break from the road, take your pick from the town's motel, hotel and caravan park accommodation.