The first ever town to be established between Geraldton and Darwin, Roebourne holds the proud title of the oldest surviving town in the North West. To the delight of pioneer history buffs, much of its early architecture is lovingly restored, while the Yaburara Heritage Trail invites you to step back in time further still to discover one of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth.

Whether you're on your way to or from the magical tropical oasis of nearby Millstream, or following the North West Coast road between Karratha and Port Hedland, Roebourne is a must-stop. You can even make the journey more enriching by following the Warlu Way on its 2,480 kilometre course through the iconic landscapes of the Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley regions to discover the mysteries of the Warlu and other Indigenous legends.

Put yourself in the shoes of the first white settlers in the area, John and Emma Withnell, driving or walking the Emma Withnell Heritage Trail through historic Cossack, Wickham and Point Samson. Then take a few steps forward in history, visiting the Old Roebourne Gaol, now the museum and art gallery, and picture convict and colonial life in 19th century Roebourne, when it was regarded as the capital of the North West.

There's also the opportunity to journey back thousands and even millions of years, exploring the region's Indigenous and natural history on foot via the Yaburara Heritage Trail. Allow at least two hours to take in the rugged outback landscapes and ancient rock engravings at your leisure.

The town is your gateway to Cossack and Point Samson too, where more rich regional heritage awaits, not to mention top fishing spots and a feast of some of Western Australia's finest seafood.

To take a longer rest in Roebourne, pull into the caravan park for powered and unpowered caravan and camping sites.