The home of the big croc and giant boab trees, Wyndham is where one of the greatest outback adventures begins (or ends) - the mighty Gibb River Road. One of Australia's most unique four wheel drive experiences, 'The Gibb' traverses one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth.

An hour's drive from Kununurra brings you to Wyndham, the most northerly town and harbour in Western Australia, where you're welcomed with a toothy grin from the 18 metre long saltwater crocodile sculpture that stands at the entrance to the town.

Here, you can also come face-to-face with the largest crocodile in captivity and hug a giant boab tree. Boabs are believed to be among the oldest living things on Earth, and their hollow insides were often used as a temporary lock-up by local police in the late 1800s. One of the remaining Prison Trees still stands outside Wyndham today.

This tiny frontier town sits on the banks of the Cambridge Gulf, at the base of Mount Bastion. Stand at the summit, known as Five Rivers Lookout, and take in panoramic views of the town, port, marshlands and meeting point of the King, Pentecost, Durack, Forrest and Ord rivers.

The rivers and waterholes make for some top-notch year round fishing, particularly if you're keen to chase the best catch of the North West, barramundi. If you'd rather spend a quiet afternoon observing the local wildlife, head out to the bird sanctuary or crocodile park.

After the green season (ending in March), the Gibb River Road beckons, leading you 660 kilometres through the heart of the Kimberley wilderness into some of Australia's most spectacular gorge and cattle country. Stop for a swim at Bells and Manning gorges, spend a night under the stars, experience the thrill of a cattle muster and watch the sun set over the Cockburn Ranges.

Stay a while and get some rest for the journey ahead with a few nights at Wydham's own tourist resort, station stay or caravan park.