Wild dolphins have been visiting the shoreline at Monkey Mia virtually every day for over 40 years, making this spot in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area one of the best and most reliable places for dolphin interaction in the world.

A 30-minute drive from Denham will bring you to Monkey Mia for a magical face-to-bottlenose encounter with these gentle creatures. Denham is a two-hour flight from Perth or a day's drive or perhaps join an extended guided tour.

The story of the Monkey Mia dolphins begins in the early 1960s, when wild dolphins started making a regular appearance in the clear waters of the bay to interact with humans - delighting visitors with their intelligence, playfulness and grace.

As the dolphins are wild, the numbers and the time of their visits can vary from day to day, but they usually come to the shore several times a day and more frequently in the mornings.

Today, the dolphin interactions are regulated by rangers, with a few lucky visitors selected to hand-feed the dolphins a small amount of fish.

When the dolphins are fishing or playing offshore, drop into the Dolphin Information Centre and get to know your new-found friends a little better. Interpretive displays share insights into dolphin biology, and behaviour, as well as the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

Swimming with and touching the dolphins is prohibited by law.

Venture beyond the beach and you'll discover a huge variety of animal and bird life nearby. One of the best ways to discover this unique environment is through the eyes of one of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth by joining an Indigenous cultural tour.

A visitor fee is charged for entry to Monkey Mia Reserve. And if you choose to stay overnight at Monkey Mia and breakfast with the dolphins, you'll find a wide variety of accommodation options, facilities and activities.

Some visitors opt to base themselves in nearby Denham, where the calm blue waters of the sweeping bay provide ideal conditions for swimming, fishing, boating and water skiing.