Murchison is where you meet outback Australia - a land of wide open desert landscapes inviting you to experience life on working cattle stations the size of small countries and encounter wildlife in abundance. It's also your eastern gateway to the largest rock on Earth, Mount Augustus.

Situated on the Murchison River, the small outback settlement of Murchison is a three and a half hour drive northeast of Geraldton. As the only settlement in the 'Shire with no Town', it's the hub of all local activity, home to the shire's sports club, museum, roadhouse and caravan park.

With Murchison as your base, you can take a leisurely daytrip driving 20 minutes north to the striking rock formations of Errabiddy Bluff for a picnic or a challenging climb. Venture a little further to Bilung Pool and Wooramel River Gorges to picnic and take in the magnificent river views. Or head south to Ballinyoo Bridge, the second concrete bridge to be constructed in Western Australia and a popular watering spot for wildlife.

For those seeking adventure, this is the gateway to the 11.5 hour trail to Mount Augustus National Park and the world's largest rock. Twice the size of Uluru, with a 860 metre high summit and 49 kilometre scenic base trail (four wheel drive only), it's an awesome sight and an extraordinary climb. Viewed from Emu Hill Lookout at sunrise or sunset, you can get snap happy as the colours change from cool greens and blues to golden glows.

To complete your outback experience, why not stay a night or three at a working cattle station. Or base yourself in the settlement at the roadhouse, caravan park or camping grounds.

If you're visiting after winter rains, you're in for a treat as the surrounding desert plains are carpeted in a sea of colourful blooms, from everlastings to acacias.