With 12,500 kilometres of breathtaking coastline, a collection of rivers and spectacular lakes, you’re guaranteed to have adrenaline-fueled adventures on Western Australia’s uncrowded waterways.

Some of the most iconic breaks are in the jewel of the surfing crown, Margaret River. Here, you’ll find over 40 powerful reef and beach breaks, namely Surfers Point where the world’s elite come together at the annual Margaret River Pro. Esperance's (Kepa Kurl's) reef breaks, Gnaraloo’s left-hand ledge, and the mighty left-handers at Jake's Point in Kalbarri (Wurdimarlu) are must-visits. Looking to surf closer to Perth? Cottesloe and Trigg are your best options.

The Bluff in Geraldton (Jambinu), with strong sea breezes, thrilling jumps and easy wave riding is known as WA’s wind surfing capital. In the town of Lancelin, windsurfing and kitesurfing is popular, while Ningaloo Reef (Nyinggulu) offers everything from WA’s longest wave rides to perfect flat-water conditions.

Want to try wakeboarding and water skiing? Whether you’re a novice wakeboarder or a veteran water skier, WA’s beaches, rivers and lakes have you covered, with many designated zones that offer perfect conditions.

Top-rated fishing experiences await you. Deep-sea fishing will reward you with enormous snapper, dhufish and coral trout along the Coral Coast. Head to Exmouth for a big-game marlin, mahi mahi and sailfish adventure. Cast from the shore for King George whiting, tailor, samson fish, giant trevally and pink snapper.

Fish for freshwater brown trout, bream, rainbow trout and delicious marron in the South West, or go north in pursuit of the highly prized barramundi. Try cray fishing for western rock lobsters, crabbing in Mandurah (Mandjoogoordap), or hunting for huge mud crabs with an Aboriginal guide in the mangroves north of Broome (Rubibi).