A bounty of unique fresh flavours can be found in Western Australia’s oceans and rivers, thanks to the incredible diversity of its marine habitats and inland waters. Must-try seasonal produce includes the famous Geraldton rock lobster, South West marron, yabby and trout, North West barramundi, Exmouth prawns, Rottnest scallops, Mandurah crab, Albany oysters and Broome pearl meat.

How you choose to seek out these seasonal sensations can be an adventure in itself. Take the journey from the water to your plate on a guided tour of a seafood factory or freshwater farm. Drop a line at some of the world’s top-rated spots for deep-sea, big-game, beach and freshwater fishing. Try your hand at spear making and fishing, hunting for mud crabs in the mangroves. Enjoy a scrumptious seafood platter, or a prize-winning deep-fried catch with stunning waterfront views. Or shop Perth’s fish markets for the catch of the day.