The biggest wildflower collection on earth calls Western Australia home. More than 12,000 species of flora burst into brilliant bloom across the state each season, delivering a botanical display like no other. It’s a diverse and unique show, with 60 percent of the flowering species found nowhere else on the planet. In inner-city parks, amid forest and bushlands, and across coastal and outback plains, carpets of radiant wildflowers are a feast for the senses.

Wildflower season typically has a six-month window, starting in the Pilbara in June and moving across the atmospheric towns of the Goldfields and along the Coral Coast. By September, Perth’s urban parks – including floral haven Kings Park / Kaarta Koomba, home to more than 3,000 wildflower species – and the rolling hills of the Swan Valley are bursting with colour. The season comes to a vivid close in October in the biodiversity hotspot of the Margaret River Region, where wildflowers mingle with the world-class vines that makes this location so special. 

Western Australia’s botanical gardens, national parks, coastal plains and towering forests provide the backdrop for even more wildflower hotspots. Spot lemon-yellow donkey orchids, or the rare Queen of Sheba orchid, fiery-red grevilleas, hot-pink hakeas, golden wattle and more. Seasonal walks and guided tours are an ideal way to identify and admire the startling beauty of the blooms.