Say hi to the friendliest faces on Earth

Just off the coast of Perth, Rottnest Island's 63 stunning beaches, 20 beautiful bays and many coral reefs and wrecks invite you to enjoy some of Australia's finest swimming spots, snorkel trails and surf breaks. And on dry land, you'll meet the cutest mini marsupial, found only in Western Australia, the world famous quokka.

Rottnest 'or 'Rat's nest' was named by Dutch explorer Willem De Vlamingh as he mistook the wallaby creature for a rat. With a vulnerable population of only about 10,000 living on Rottnest, you can also find quokkas in forests near Northcliffe in the South West.

Quokkas are herbivores and live on a variety of grasses and shrubs and survive up to a month without fresh water. They should never be fed human food as this can lead to dehydration and is bad for their health so please don't feed the quokkas.