See Western Australia through the eyes of one of the world's oldest surviving cultures

COVID-19 update: please note that until 15 June 2022 there are restrictions on entry to remote Aboriginal communities to protect the health and wellbeing of residents. Click here for more information and phone ahead before embarking on your holiday.

One of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth invites you to discover their deep connection to the land, their legendary stories, rich heritage and some of the oldest rock art in the world. Throughout Western Australia, you can enjoy diverse and authentic Aboriginal experiences such as fishing, foraging for bush tucker, learning about natural medicines - all under the expert guidance of a local Aboriginal. Being ‘on country’ and hear from local custodians who share their knowledge of this ancient land.

Take a walk through one of the largest collections of prehistoric art, showcasing more than 10,000 rock engravings. Be one of the privileged few to view the world-famous Gyorn Gyorn paintings, some of which are 60,000 years old. See how Aboriginal spirituality and Dreamtime stories are uniquely expressed in the work of contemporary Aboriginal artists through art, music and dance at cultural centres and festivals throughout Western Australia. Fish and forage for bush tucker and natural medicines with a local Aboriginal guide. Or take a 2,480-kilometre self-drive adventure, following the mystical warlu sea serpent through ancient Pilbara and Kimberley landscapes on the Warlu Way.