From the tropical north to the temperate south, Western Australia’s rivers and 12,500 kilometre coastline offer top-rated fishing experiences for novice and pro anglers alike.

Test your deep-sea fishing mettle against enormous snapper, dhufish and coral trout on Western Australia’s coral reefs and atolls. Head to Exmouth for a big-game marlin, mahi mahi and sailfish adventure. Cast from the shore for King George whiting, tailor, samson fish, giant trevally and pink snapper.

Fish for freshwater brown trout, bream, rainbow trout and delicious marron in the South West, or go north in pursuit of the highly prized barramundi. Try crayfishing for western rock lobsters, crabbing in Mandurah, or hunting for huge mud crabs with an Aboriginal guide in the mangroves north of Broome.