Gnomesville is one of those places that everyone is curious to explore and has been discussed all over the world.

The small, lovable additions to the garden are often seen as a joke; however, there is something mysterious surrounding these small garden ornaments.

There are remarkably few people who know exactly how Gnomesville appeared, however, there are several different stories. Some people believe that a random gnome appeared and other people placed their gnomes so the original one would not be lonely.

As you approach the area, you will begin to see the gnomes, they are everywhere and become quite intimidating. It is estimated that there are now over 5000 different gnomes living in Gnomesville and this number is continuously growing.

Every gnome has a place and they are all fascinating to discover.

This area has now become a massive tourist attraction, with visitors from all over the world coming to add to the community. Tour companies sell excursions to visit this area and people are encouraged to bring their own personalized gnome. Whether you want your gnome to be enjoying the sunshine, fishing, playing cricket or joining the rock band, there is a place for every single gnome.