Mandurah’s Wild Seafood Experience is an authentic West Australian dining adventure. The half-day cruise showcases Mandurah’s unique character, exquisite local cuisine, fishing heritage and natural beauty–all in one deluxe experience, the only one of its kind.

The tour’s centrepiece is one of WA’s most loved and sustainable seafood, Western Rock Lobster. Led by an experienced crew, enjoy the thrill of hauling in pots to catch your own lobster, then dine on the delicacy, freshly prepared on deck.

Handle and learn about these fascinating creatures and the local conservation efforts of the healthiest fishery in the world.

Created on deck by a private chef, dine on a deluxe eight-course lunch menu of local ingredients, plus your fresh-caught Western Rock Lobster and seafood delicacies from across WA. As you cruise, sip on flowing beverages, all served complimentary.

Enjoy premium still and sparkling Margaret River fine wines by Howard Park, plus local and imported boutique beers, and non-alcoholic choices.

Aboard Mandurah Cruises’60-foot pleasure boat, spot dolphins and fascinating birdlife while cruising through luxury canals and picturesque inland waterways. This interactive sea-to-plate adventure is the only one of its kind in Australia. Cruises operate all year round, departing from central Mandurah.

Bookings are essential.