Visit Cindy Poole Glass Artist– ‘Gallery Experience’ where sustainability, creative design and authentic craftsmanship converge within layers of kiln-formed glass to embody and celebrate the stunning natural beauty of Western Australia and pay homage to nature.

A uniquely curated experience that steps beyond the traditional gallery format to present an integrated retail, educational and interactive space. Discover the back stories of the Esperance landscapes, local public art and sustainability best-practice through the hands and lens of a designer-maker local storyteller.

Immerse yourself in a self-paced intriguing, and informative journey of discovery or book a 'Discover' or 'Discover & Create behind-the-scenes, hands-on workshop tour and create a memento of your visit to Esperance.

Creativity, authentic craftsmanship, and natural beauty merge with innovative sustainable design concepts through handcrafting and kiln-forming to create pieces of stylish glassware, jewellery and home décor using art glass and glass bottle waste as the raw material.

Enjoy the luxury of high-quality, beautiful souvenirs and handiworks, office, home and personalised gift options, crafted and designed on-site whilst supporting sustainable design and Australian-Made. 

Embrace innovative sustainability solutions, zero-waste, and the circular economy and reimagine the value and scope of use for upcycled and recycled glass bottles. Consider the role of glass in offering stylish, everyday solutions that can reduce landfill to make a positive environmental impact and elevate the sustainable style of your home.